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Turbo Dismount is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him.
— Official Turbo Dismount Steam page

Turbo Dismount is a physics-based indie game, created by Secret Exit, in which the player destroys their character in multiple ways. It is the widely popular and well received sequel to the official sequel to the mobile game, Stair Dismount.


The player starts Turbo Dismount by selecting a Map from the selection screen (the Original Classic will automatically be the first map to load upon opening the game for the first time). The player can then select which vehicle with which they wish to destroy the character. The player can also select which obstacles they want to add to the current course by selecting one from the obstacle menu. Once the dismount has been "completed", the player can then choose to either reset the level and start a new dismount, or to view the events of the last dismount through the game's Replay System. The player can also download levels from the game's Workshop from Steam.

Pricing and AvailabilityEdit

Turbo Dismount is priced at $10.00 dollars on its Steam Store page. The only language it is made in is English.


Turbo Dismount has had an overflowing amount of support from players and non-player fans alike since it was first released on to Steam on the Early Access program.

HardcoreGamer stated "It's a chaotic toybox of destruction."

Kotaku said "Turbo Dismount is a glorious excuse for putting polygonal beings into dangerous vehicles and then watching the physics-based carnage gently unfold into something beautiful."