The Swinger is a portable wrecking ball car. It is mainly green and black, excluding the crane, which looks white or lightish gray. It has an open cab and a single exhaust pipe, as well as two non-functional headlights. It's not suitable for wrecking havoc because it can't reach high speeds and the crane arm's random rotation could hamper it or even capsize it. This problem is shared with Red Hot Engine's turntable ladder. It also has horrible handling but if the ball hits something, things may change a lot, and even more if it hits the dummy.

Trivia Edit

  • The Swinger is most likely a reference to Miley Cryus' song "Wrecking Ball," which is also in one of the Poses, which involves the dummy to sit on the wrecking ball via the chain.
  • Only the cab is the detachable part of the vehicle.