The Quad-Fin Fighter is a new vehicle that was added along with the Galactic Helmet in the Galactic Season Update.

Facts Edit

4 fin
  • There is a possibility that the Quad-Fin Fighter is a slight spin off from the X-Wing from Star Wars. However, it cannot fly.
  • The fighters idle noise is very similar to the Ledorean's
  • Its top speed is 510 mph (789 km/h).
  • If the fighter hits a turbo pad, its wings form an "X" shape, and will begin shooting 4 laser blasts. These lasers can disturb any movable object (i.e. brick walls, other vehicles, bowling pins, etc.). It and the Jugger (Who fires it's turret when it steps on the tile) are the only Vehicles to do this. However, it cannot do this when damaged because it has detachable parts unlike the Jugger.
  • If an icon is used, it will be positioned at the top of the nose of the fighter.
  • The fighter has a fairly large turbo charger which produces a huge flame when hitting a turbo pad. This will only apply when undamaged though.
  • This Vehicle is free in the Mobile Version.
  • It has a large amount of detachable parts.
  • Handling is surprisingly bad and a simple turn would wreck it.