"Training Wheels"

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Obstacles are objects in the game that add more variety and fun to different tracks. They can be helpful or harmful depending on their function (e.g. Turbo Pad increasing the player's speed, Brake Pad slowing the player down.) Every level has at least 1 space for a player to place an Obstacle (The Map Chicken does not have any place for this) through the Obstacle placer.

List of Obstacles Edit

  • Brick Wall - Formed by individual bricks that can be dislodged by physical impacts or by the lasers from Quad-Fin Fighter. This can potentially cause more chaos and score more points.
  • Oilslick - Severely impairs vehicle handling.
  • Low Blow - Brings ground-level vehicles to an abrupt hold. Basically a smaller Mega Wall. Sasquatch may be better at getting over it. Has no effect on NPC Trains until they are disrupted.
  • Mega Wall - Indestructible and blocks anything that can't get pass it. Large enough to block a majority of straight-line approaches. Has no effect on NPC Trains until they are disrupted.
  • Loot Crate - Serves as physical obstacle and when approached, opens and unleashes unknown entities that impair vehicle handling.
  • Turbo Pad - Increase vehicle speed, some may have special effects under boost duration and most will have a flame from exhausts. Boosted speed may vary.
  • Brake Pad - Decrease vehicle speed, sometimes can stop a vehicle.
  • Overpass - Prevents tall vehicles from passing through.
  • Big Ramp - Could make a vehicle fly up vertically when approached with velocity.
  • Mini Ramp - Best used for simple elevation purposes if the player is willing to move horizontally as well.
  • Minefield - A cluster of mines that blow up and cause havoc when touched. They cannot directly harm vehicles but can blow them off-course and is more powerful against smaller ones. Can directly damage dummy.
  • Lane Blocker - Goes up when a vehicle tries to get pass it, and is indestructible.
  • Ramps - Sends the player's vehicles randomly rolling left/right.
  • Road Bump - Can cause vehicles to jump when ran over with high velocities.
  • Traffic Cones - Simply lay around and will damage anything if rammed. Incredibly easy to get past. Subject to Gravity.
  • Roadblock - Same as Traffic Cones. Subject to Gravity and harder to get past.
  • Bowling Pins - Basically bigger Traffic Cones.
  • Quater Pipe - Bigger Mini Ramp.
  • Semi Big Ramp - Just a little closer from Big Ramp......
  • Medium Ramp - It's clear that you will go vertically when you ran upon this one.
  • Twist Left/Right - The name tells what it does, variant of Quarter Pipe.