The Jugger is a Tank that appears in the game. It's performance is in general, inferior, as what could be expected from such a heavy vehicle. However, it goes faster than the Heavy Metal (About double as fast in terms of regular top speed) and possesses the special ability to fire it's main gun when it steps on a boost tile. The tank cannon can damage the dummy (which can score a bunch of points but the chance of hit is very little) and disrupt environmental entities such as NPC Cars or Brick Walls. It also deals area damage unlike the Quad-Fin Fighter. The rotation of the turret is random.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Jugger" is a likely reference to the term Juggernaut, which means either "Heavy Truck" or "Unstoppable force", which in turn points the fact that it's a tank.
    • However, it's ram capabilities are not the best in the game.
  • The sprite of the Jugger only has two movable parts - The top access hatch and the turret (rotation). None of them can detach, just like the rest of the tank.