The Heavy Metal is a large vehicle, listed as Vehicle 16 out of 22.

Description Edit

The Heavy Metal takes the form of a bulldozer, with a massive, rotating shovel, with 8 wheels. When adding a logo, it appears on the sides of the vehicle. It has 2 non-functional headlights, and 4 exhaust pipes in which they spew flames from if it goes over a turbo pad. It has horrible performance when viewed on velocity but can potentially cause some chaos if used correctly. One of the poses include the dummy sitting in front of the shovel, which can bag a lot of points if the vehicle dismounts into something.

Trivia Edit

  • The Heavy Metal truly lives up to its name; it is very dense, shown on the fan-made level, "The Sky Bridge," in which, when trying to go over the bridge, it falls through, and destroys it.
  • The Heavy Metal is one of the "Unstoppables".
  • It can easily break through landmines and smaller destructible barriers thanks to it's front shovel.
  • Only the exhaust pipes and the frames behind the cab are detachable sprites.
  • Being a heavy industrial vehicle, it's even slower than The Swinger, whose top speed is around 40 KPH. Therefore, Heavy Metal is the slowest vehicle in the entire game.
  • The Heavy Metal has very high mass and average stability, to the extent it isn't heavily affected by the landmines.
    • Surprisingly, a Road Bump can easily capsize a fast-moving Heavy Metal.
    • It also cannot jump properly off ramps due to the shovel.
  • With the help of 1-2 Turbo Pads, it's possible to reach 100KPH, more than triple of it's regular top speed.