Types of Damage Edit

Types of Damage is an accident event where some icons show up during the damage from character.

Types Edit

The types of damage are:

Bone break - The bone-breaking can really damage your character. Shoulder break - The shoulder-breaking can damage your "shoulder" as your character lies. Instant bone breaking - The instant bone-breaking causes really "hard" damage. Skull breaking - The crack of the bone of a skull can be disturbing at a time. Inner skull side breaking - The crack of the bone of the bone of a inner skull side can be disturbing at a time. Flying limit - A flying limit is an really a accident for some vehicles that jump very high. Vehicle break - A one little broken thing off the vehicle... Boom! The vehicle is really broken. Other vehicle break - The other vehicle made a some crash... Boom! The other vehicle has crashed. And others.... I will make part 2 for more types of damage but just if you give 10 likes for this page!